At the moment, there is a shift in the skate/surf industry. Contest results no longer reign king. With the advent of social media platforms, Vimeo, Youtube, etc. athletes and brands are making a name for themselves by generating their own creative content. It's no longer about taking first place at the US Open, it's about releasing top notch content. 

In a world where brands separate their skate and surf teams, Sear is focused on blurring the line between the two. Sear is an invite-only collective of athletes dropping the heaviest of clips on a regular basis. To join, you must be an expert of both sports...if you are, we will find you. Video in collaboration with Matt Lucier.

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Package Design, Video Editing 



Below: Detail shot of team Sear's personal invitation which doubles as a fold out poster.



Below: packaging for surf and skate wax

Below: extended cut